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These Small Chargers Keep Your Gadgets Running All Day

Our smartphone chargers have become almost as important as our phones themselves. Finding yourself stranded without a charger when that battery level mercilessly hits zero percent is supremely inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous.

As the world’s smallest and most portable phone charger, Chargerito is here to ensure that you never have to endure such charging travesties again, and it’s available for just $25.

Carrying around a bulky smartphone charger and its accompanying cable is no fun. These Chargerito chargers are no bigger than a standard-issue key bob, and they’re completely cordless—meaning you won’t have to worry about tangles and frayed cords. Just connect the charger to an outlet, attach your device, and you’ll be powered up in no time.

The outlet prongs fold into the charger for easy transportation, and you’ll be able to use the included clip to carry your Chargerito on your keyring.

Available in USB-C, Lighting, and micro-USB configurations, these chargers will act as your trustworthy travel charging companions.