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October 5, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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Japan Now Have Floating Hotel Pods That Take Guests To Deserted Islands

 Japan has always been known for being the Mecca of technology with their bizarre and elaborate inventions. They’re simply a nation of innovators with a genius creative process. Although, a lot of the time their inventions are known for being pretty damn weird (but that’s all part of the fun right?)I mean, which other countries have vending machines that sell Smart cars or pants with a built-in air conditioning system?Yes, Japan has thought up a bunch of crazy creations, but it’s when they bend the norms surrounding hotel stays that I really get excited.Personally, I think one of the best things about going on vacation isn’t about the weather, the walks along the beach or getting to explore a new culture; it’s about the hotel stay! I just adore staying in place where you find chocolates upon entering your room and, depending on how fancy it is, having room service at your beck and call.I tend to go on vacation in Mediterranean countries, but next year I’m determined to go to Japan. While it may sound insane to want to go on vacation primarily for a hotel stay, don’t forget, this is Japan we’re talking about.You may have heard of one or two of Japan’s undeniably bizarre hotels already, but if you haven’t, let me just refresh your memory. They have hotels which are essentially run by robots, hotels where you can sleep in a space age capsule and hotels run by English-speaking dinosaurs. But trust me, it gets much weirder…

These hotels may be unconventional at best and totally and utterly ridiculous at worst, but who wants to stay in a stationary hotel anyway? Especially not now that Japan has invented floating hotel rooms!

Yes, it’s true! When you book a trip to Japan’s Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki, you arrive there by floating across the waters surrounding several Japanese islands. I mean, it would be way too conventional to get there by ship, so instead you get there by globe-shaped hotel room.And if you’re interested, but want to retain some kind of normalcy, fear not, because on in the inside it looks like any other hotel room.The end destination is Huis Ten Bosch, a huge theme park which recreates a Dutch town in the Japanese city of Nagasaki.So, just how big is the theme park? Well, it’s a whopping 42,000 square foot. Hey, if you’re going to recreate a Holland in another city, you’ll have to dedicate quite a bit of space for it.While there are a number of hotels inside the theme park, the floating hotel room is undoubtedly the most innovative one. Each of the floating hotel rooms contains two floors and are fit to home four people. The top floor is the bedroom and the bottom floor is the bathroom and living area.The floating hotel rooms take you around a number of the theme park’s islands, which have remained entirely uninhabited. And while you’re there, you’ll be expected to release your inner child while you play “survival games”. Essentially, you’ll be armed with a toy gun and will have to “survive” whatever’s thrown your way – sounds fun right?These innovative floating rooms aren’t yet in operation, but they will be available for rent by the end of 2017. The expected cost for one night is somewhere between $266-$355, but that seems worth it to me. I know where I’ll be taking my first vacation of 2018. Think of the stories you’ll have to tell!