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Google Might Finally Make a Smartwatch

According to notoriously accurate leaker evleaks, Google could be introducing a new hardware category later this year along with its third-generation Pixel phones and the new-and-improved Pixel Buds—the Pixel smartwatch.

A second source, the German tech blog WinFuture, backs up the leaker’s claim saying that the smartwatches will “use Google’s Wear OS, based on the new wearable platform from Qualcomm.”

Android Wear has been around since 2014, used in smartwatches from makers ranging from Mount Blanc to LG. However, none of those brands have been able to hold a candle to the Apple Watch in terms of sales. Apple Watch sales are tripling Android Wear worldwide.

These new watches would be a refusal to surrender. Android Wear watches have gotten favorable reviews in the past, but the question still remains why somebody would buy an Android smartwatch? It looks like Google is trying to figure out the answer.