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8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

Jetsetting anywhere will always be exciting no matter the destination. However, there are plenty of aspects of travel that make it difficult and tedious. Having the right tools by your side will make your trips better than ever.

  • The east coast of the US, along with parts of Europe, are getting pummelled with inclement weather ranging from sleet to a bomb cyclone.
  • Looking to get away? You can actually get paid to travel the whole world by taking on a non-traditional job.
  • If you want to get an upgrade on your next flight, stick to the basics and ask nicely. You may be surprised to hear affordable or even free options for better seats.
  • Here’s how you can curb jet lag and have a good flight by balancing your mind and body.

No matter the exciting destination, long-haul flights can often turn out to be overwhelming. In fact, traveling at that height with so much dry air around can do a lot of harm to your skin. Nevertheless, you can always carry the necessary cosmetics to keep your skin healthy just like these style divas. Even the royal bride-to-be takes these into account whenever she’s in air-travel mode. Another aspect that makes air travel difficult for some is anxiety. You can also combat that by getting to the airport earlier or distracting yourself with books and music. However, the entire in-flight experience isn’t just about keeping your skin healthy. It’s about balancing your body and mind in a way which lets you beat jetlag with ease.

Just to make sure you are able to enjoy your next flight instead of feeling anxious, here are 8 super handy travel gadgets you need to consider.

Dream light Rechargeable Sleep Mask

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

Rechargeable sleep mask for optimal rest

Using light technology, Dreamlight helps you sleep and experience optimal rest. It tracks and analyzes your sleep patterns each time you use it. As a sleeping mask, Dreamlight eliminates any light leakage. It also provides ambient sounds of nature to help you fall into a deep sleep.

Mophie power station USB-C XXL Power Bank

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

USB-C XXL Power Bank with 19,500 mAh capacity

Working on a flight is quite common these days. This all new system is designed for the latest MacBook laptops that have the USB-C or USB-A connectors. Inside this sleek exterior is a massive 19,500 mAh battery. This holds enough juice to recharge your laptop for 14 hours.

Bluesmart S2 Trackable Passport Pouch

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

Passport pouch with location tracking

Totally convenient to carry, this pouch is rife with technology to make your travels a breeze. With space for up to two passports, the S2 Passport Pouch is complete with a location tracking device. Connecting to your smartphone, you can receive instant alerts if you leave the pouch behind.

TabletHookz Universal Secure Tablet & Smartphone Mount

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

Tablet mount for using on flights

With inspiration from aviation professionals, this dual-function device puts your smartphone or tablet at the perfect level. The TabletHookz Mount easily secures to the back of the seat in front of you on an airplane. In addition, it has a built-in stand along with suction cups to remain sturdy on surfaces.

Fixyway Universal Travel Seat Cover

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

You can use it to cover your airplane seat

Using a variety of yarns, Fixyway is highly durable yet totally stretchy. It conforms to seats on airplanes, buses, trains, cars, waiting rooms, and anywhere else you may be. Simply stretch Fixyway across the top of the seat and tuck it into the bottom. The flexible material conforms to your body as you sit down which also increases your comfort.

GO SLEEP 2-in-1 Travel Pillow Set

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

Travel pillow and sleep mask in one.

This system prevents you from falling asleep in an uncomfortable position (like on the tray or a stranger). Additionally, it promotes good posture and helps you enjoy restful sleep while sitting up. The innovative mask blocks light and keeps your head in place using an elastic cord. Similarly, the plush memory foam pillow gives your neck the support it needs.

Infinity Pillow by Huzi Design

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

It has numerous positions for snoozing

Taking notes from the well-known Möbius strip, the Infinity Pillow gives you endless positions for snoozing. Made with bamboo fabric to enhance circulation and 3M Thinsulate to maintain temperature, you’ll find the perfect way to nap in just seconds. The Infinity Pillow is perfect for a quick kip on your desk, a pain-free slumber on a long haul flight, or a simple nap on your couch after a stressful week.

Travel Pillow with Massage & Heating Mode by Vasco

8 super handy travel gadgets you should use on every flight

Massage and heating mode offers optimal comfort

VascoPillow improves blood circulation, relieves pain in the neck and helps you fall asleep in comfort during your flight. Featuring a patented memory foam construction, VascoPillow offers two unique purposes. It supports the proper alignment of your neck and it always returns to its original shape regardless of how often you use it.