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May 16, 2018
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5 Great-Sounding Deals for Audiophiles

If you have a music connoisseur in your life, get them these curated picks to prove to them that paying less can still get you excellent quality.

1. TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While audiophiles usually try to veer away from noise-canceling headphones because they prefer sound accuracy, they won’t be disappointed once they try the TREBLAB Z2. Boasting of top-grade neodymium-backed 40mm speakers, these headphones deliver goosebump-inducing audio that will make you think you’re at a concert. They’re equipped with T-Quiet technology to drown out background noise, and they last up to a whopping 35 hours. The TREBLAB Z2 usually retail for $259.99, but for a limited time, you can get them now for only $78.99.

2. 1 MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones

Just mention that these bad boys were designed by a Grammy-winning engineer, and your music aficionado pal will immediately pry them from your cold, dead hands. The 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones are the first to be THX Certified, meaning they’re expertly developed to provide an ultra-realistic soundstage. These have four drivers in each ear, all dedicated to providing silky highs, detailed mids, and deep bass. They’re also designed with ergonomic aluminum sound chambers for all-day comfort and intelligent controls for adjusting volume, changing tracks, and making calls. These great-sounding headphones usually cost $199.99, but you snag them today for only $149.99, a savings of 25 percent.

3. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

Festival season is here, and it’s imperative that you throw in earplugs with your festival gear. That is unless you want to expose your ears to deafening noise from booming speakers. The Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs will make sure that you don’t rupture your eardrums by lowering the decibels of your environment without muffling sound. They even enhance sound quality, allowing you to enjoy the music in its natural state. Typically $23.99, you can score a pair of these hi-fi earplugs for only $17.99, a savings of 25 percent.

4. Audio Cassette to MP3 Music Converter

There’s no shame in still owning cassette tapes. But if you don’t want to lose the precious audio inside them to the inevitable degradation process, it’s best to start converting them to digital. The Audio Cassette to MP3 Music Converter will make that process quick and painless for you. Just connect the device to your laptop, stick your tape inside, and it will magically convert your cassette to an MP3 file. Once that’s done, you can transfer the digitized format to your phone for instant access. Usually, this ingenious converter retails for $69.99, but you can take one home now for only $20.99, a savings of 70 percent.

5. Bluetooth Hi-Fi SoundBar with Remote

Is your TV not loud enough for you? Good news, you don’t need to shell out thousands for a top-performing home audio system. The Bluetooth Hi-Fi SoundBar with Remote has dual built-in bass diaphragms and improved Bluetooth tech, delivering crisp, high-quality sound. You can easily connect it to your TV unit or other monitors using an AUX or RCA cable for an enhanced watching and gaming experience. Best of all, it only costs $40, 73 percent reduced from the original price of $149.99. Take advantage of this deal now so you can enjoy punchier sound once the final season of Game of Thrones comes around.